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Axiom Memory AX - DDR3 - 4 GB - SO-DIMM pin - MHz Memory - DIMM Memory - GB or more - DDR SDRAM from the & models of the iMac, the Mac mini, and the Mac mini server.

The MacBook Air received a spec bump last year, but it too is still using components from years ago, with a low-res display. While Apple has seven products currently available for consumers to buy, the Windows market is filled with all sorts of laptop models, from small, ultraportable devices to eight-pound behemoth gaming laptops meant to sit on a desk and be portable only when required.

The glory of Windows is that it can be licensed by basically any hardware manufacturer, from giant corporations like Dell or HP to smaller upstarts like Eve, which released their first consumer product last year as a competitor to the Microsoft Surface Pro. As you can see, Windows hardware is a very different scene than on the MacOS side. You can make your own computer.

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Hardware might be a major differentiating factor, but MacOS and Windows 10 are operating systems, not laptops or desktops. The other major change comes in the removal of iTunes, which has been split into three distinct parts: Music, TV, and Podcasts. Long gone are the skeuomorphic elements that made up earlier versions of software from the Steve Jobs days of Apple, instead replaced with modern, minimal design appearances. The dock that runs along the bottom of the display looks pretty similar to the dock on iOS devices, with a frosted-glass appearance and big, bold app icons.

At the top of the display, the classic MacOS menu bar runs along the top of the display, offering users an easy way to control their applications when using them within the app. Features that have been around MacOS for years still exist, like the iOS-style Launchpad, which allows for users to select apps using a full screen display, and Mission Control, which grants the ability to see all open applications in one easy-to-view layout. Both of these features work especially well with touchpads like on the MacBook or with the Magic Trackpad for iMac, but can also be used fairly easily with a mouse.

The visual design of MacOS has remained fairly similar for years. Ultimately, most of the breaking and brand-new features in MacOS over the last several versions have been a renewed focus on ecosystem and making sure your Mac works with the rest of your Apple devices. Still, MacOS remains modern, fast, and smooth, and the new file system has proven to be a wise choice, speeding up computers from ages ago. Instead, Microsoft decide to make Windows the final version of their operating system to ship, giving the software biannual major updates. Each of these major semi-annual updates have given the operating system new features, but for the most part, the visual design has remained the same.

At the bottom of the display is the same dock-style taskbar that has existed since Windows 7, upgraded to look even better than before. The desktop remains largely unchanged, however, still holding files, shortcuts, and other content you add to the desktop, manually or otherwise. The dock is also home to your settings tray and your notification panel, which make it easy to check the status of your PC, look for programs running in the background, and check for updates. Like MacOS, Windows 10 has several features that exist to try to make your life a bit easier.

Windows has been home to one of the best features for multitasking since Windows 7: Snap, the ability to quickly drag a window from one side of the display to another, thus creating two side by side windows. Snap has only gotten better in the decade since it was launched, getting faster with each update and basically allowing users to quickly resize windows into multiple sizes at once.

If Apple applied a similar version of Snap to their operating system, Task View has existed in a similar vein as Mission Control, allowing you to easily use a button on your mouse, a keyboard shortcut, or a touchpad gesture to view a full look at your open apps and multiple desktops. Ultimately, Windows and Mac OS both have excellent designs and wide varieties of features. Both operating systems are well past their point of maturity, which means both feel great to use.

The Mac ecosystem also happens to be the Apple ecosystem. With the possible exception of Google, no technology company has built a better ecosystem for customers willing to buy into one product line. More than ever, the two products work hand in hand, trading off content better than almost any other platform available today. In addition to these skills and abilities, you also gain access to a wide variety of tech products developed in-house by the same company.

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That means your Mac works seamlessly with an entire platform of hardware, including the Apple TV with support for Airplay and mirroring , the Apple Watch if you own one, your Mac automatically unlocks when it detects your watch, similar to Smart Lock on Android , the iPhone and iPad, and more. This spawns from a few primary causes; first, the failure of Windows Phone caused Microsoft to all but pull out of the race to dominate the smartphone market.

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With Windows Phone dead, Microsoft has turned to embrace both Android and iOS, releasing a number of applications for both platforms. That lack of mobile OS, however, has caused Microsoft to fall behind in terms of an ecosystem compared to Apple or even Google. The second reason is thanks to the wide variety of hardware that can run Windows.

Anyone who purchases a Windows license can install it on a compatible PC, including one of their own design. Without a mobile operating system to help build out their ecosystem, Microsoft has had to get creative with their plans for mobile sync between platforms. What matters most to Microsoft in is getting users, especially younger audiences in their 20s, in college, or even in high school, invested in Microsoft software.

This means everything from traditional Microsoft products, like Office, OneDrive, and Outlook, to more consumer-level products like Xbox or Skype, all the way to their niche apps and experiments, like the Microsoft Launcher on Android and their Cortana smart assistant. By embracing both iOS and Android, Microsoft has made their software available everywhere. This is just a sampling of parts of the ecosystem Microsoft has worked hard to build in the wake of the Windows Phone failure.

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This category might end up being more controversial than some might imagine. For decades, Apple has pushed MacOS as the secure choice for users looking for simplicity and ease of use in their software. The overwhelming popularity of Windows XP, combined with some serious security holes in the software and greater adoption of computers, meant that Windows fell victim to numerous security faults to the detriment of users everywhere.

MacOS, meanwhile, was largely seen as a safe haven for those experiencing viruses and other attacks. Because of the difference in audience size, most hackers and other users writing malicious programs choose to target Windows over MacOS, simply because most people designing software want to grab the most people possible. Like any modern operating system, Apple takes security very seriously when it comes to MacOS.

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Have something you think we should know about? Email us at insiderpicks businessinsider. Direkt in den deutschen Mittelstand investieren und feste Zinsen erhalten. Der Artikel wurde versandt. Why I always recommend Macs over PCs — even though they're usually a lot more expensive. Brandt Ranj.

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  • AP Apple computers cost a lot more than some PCs, but they're worth their high price when you consider the value you get for your money. Macs get regular software updates that make them more capable over time. Bug fixes and patches are even available on older versions of MacOS to keep more vintage Macs safe. If you love the way something looks as much as how it works, it's also difficult to argue against a Mac's aesthetic value. My longest-running Mac is an iMac from that refuses to quit.

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    Apple can update software patches and make improvements quicker than PC makers. Your Mac will last for a long time, and if it breaks, you know exactly where to take it. Apple I've owned several Macs, but the first one I got to use at home was an iMac my mom bought for our home in late Macs have a high-end look and feel. Knowing what you're getting makes the price of a Mac easier to justify.

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    • And at the end of four years, you'll still have to buy a new computer with which to start your new career. You don't have to be a STEM major to figure that one out. What do you think of the survey? When you buy technology, what do you buy? Compare yourself to the results and let me know. Workspot ushers in the age of VDI 2. New Hadoop survey makes big data predictions for Wearables are everywhere, but are they part of BYOD? Telstra to provide WA Police with 3, iPhones. The Police Force is also developing apps for its officers, which will allow statements to be taken in the field and eventually enable officers to write and post traffic infringements.

      The VA, the largest medical system in the US, now lets its more than 9 million patients access medical records via Apple's Health app feature. Apple seems to be in the process of fixing the annoying iOS With the help of my lovely friend Natalia, I did a photo shoot comparing Apple's iPhone 11 Pro Max to a plain-old digital camera. The iPhone 11 is an amazing achievement, and also full Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant smart speakers — they're all open to remote laser attacks.

      Researchers show smart speakers can be controlled from afar with laser beams and instructed to open smart locks and garage doors. Eight things I love about iOS. Cool and super useful features like these mean I can't be mad at iOS for too long. Don't waste your money on these Apple products -- November edition. Just because it has an Apple logo on it doesn't mean that it's worth the money. Tim Cook thinks Apple customers are rich and very sensitive.